Rosa & Cammy: From Reggio to the World takes you on a heartfelt journey.

Authored by Federica Fornaciari and co-illustrated with her two kids aged 5 and 9, this book is a celebration of their insatiable wanderlust. Through colorful illustration and a rhyming narrative, you can follow Rosa, a daring explorer, and her loyal chameleon companion, Cammy in their extravagant journeys of discovery.

Traverse lush jungles and sparkling oceans as each page unfolds, inviting young readers to embark on a magical adventure. This tale is woven with warmth and wonder, while sharing important lessons on gratitude, friendship, and the beauty of home. The result is a humble yet magical composition that resonates with both children and adults, sparking imagination and touching hearts.

Rosa & Cammy: From Reggio to the World is a celebration of creativity and the joy of exploration, in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

To celebrate and encourage bilingualism, Rosa & Cammy: From Reggio to the World has been published in both ENGLISH and ITALIAN.


About the project:

”Motivated by my kids’ passion for drawing and my love for storytelling, I embarked on this exciting and intimidating project with them. We spent countless hours sharing ideas, drawing, coloring, and developing the foundations for this book series.

Rosa & Cammy – From Reggio to the World is the first book of our project, A Children’s Wonder Collection, which revolves around the importance of honing our curiosity, traveling inside and out, and embracing our inner child letting the daily practice of journeying become a part of our soul. May Rosa and Cammy’s adventures nurture your insatiable Wanderlust!”


About the author:

Federica, a mom, professor, wife, climber, creative writer, social researcher, wannabe illustrator, yogi, and child at heart, was born and raised in Reggio Emilia, Italy, home to lasagna, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and a renowned approach to early childhood education, Reggio Children.

She has traveled across Europe, and lived in California, Illinois, and West Virginia (USA). Now residing in Carlsbad, California with her beloved husband and two kids, she teaches strategic communications at National University. Much of her teaching and research revolves around the importance of language in contributing to identity formation – as different languages provide us with different toolkits to understand and communicate the world around us.

Federica’s passion for storytelling and her love for the enchantment of everyday discoveries shine through in her children’s books, where she aims to spark imagination and curiosity, leaving a lasting impact on young readers worldwide.