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Qori Inti’s Amazing Journey by Sandra Zeller is a touching and thought-provoking book that explores the many advantages and struggles that come with bilingualism.

It follows the story of Qori Inti, a young boy from the Quechuan community in the Peruvian Andes, as he faces the challenge of learning Spanish, the official language of his country to succeed in school and life. 

The book highlights the numerous cognitive benefits of bilingualism such as improved memory, problem-solving, and multitasking skills. Bilingual individuals like Qori Inti also demonstrate a higher level of cognitive flexibility, allowing them to switch between tasks and adapt to new situations with ease.

Qori Inti's Amazing Journey

Qori Inti y su increíble viaje









Like many other bilingual learners, Qori Inti initially struggles to communicate and understand the new language. However, with perseverance and the support of his community, he is soon able to overcome obstacles and embrace the joy of being bilingual. For Qori Inti, as for most bilingual learners, learning a second language is a vital step to adjusting to a broader part of his culture and thriving in school, opening up personal and professional opportunities in his life.

The use of Quechuan words throughout the book preserves the indigenous culture and emphasizes the importance of diversity. The book’s illustrations make the learning experience enjoyable for both children and adults. 

Qori Inti y su incredibíle viaje (Spanish edition) is also available.

Qori Inti’s Amazing Journey is a powerful story and valuable resource; we really recommend it not just to bilingual families but to all young readers as they can gain a deeper appreciation of important matters such as identity, language and culture. 


About the Author

Sandra Zeller - Qori Inti's Amazing Journey

Sandra Zeller is a Peruvian – American mom of two living in Yorktown, Virginia. She has traveled to four continents and lived in Peru, Belgium, and USA – Puerto Rico. This has taught her the value of language immersion and diverse cultural appreciation.

Sandra used to teach Spanish online at La Peruanita Tutoring and later became the author of children’s books: ABC Workbook with Peruvian Heritage, Qori Inti’s Amazing Journey, and Qori Inti y su increíble viaje. Sandra is an advocate for the Spanish language, helping other parents around the world raise bilingual and bicultural children. She is raising her children bilingually and biculturally in an interfaith marriage. To learn more about Sandra you can visit her author account: