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Avatar: The Next Shadow #1-4 is the glue between the first and second movies and takes us into Pandora’s atmosphere even more.

The volume is set after the events of the first big-screen success. Jake Sully retains his position as leader of the Na’vi Omaticaya clan (Blue Flute) but with the destruction of the Home Tree, he faces threats and pressure from his former human comrades while also facing his own inner doubts.

The RDA-Na’vi Conflict persists, tensions between clans grow, long-standing family animosities flare up while betrayals and evil arise.

This comic helps us better understand Pandora’s world; we also get to know how Jake feels, how unsure he is of his own choices and decisions. New clans are introduced and some of them are considered to be ‘bad’ – a little spoiler if rumors about Avatar 3 are true.

Avatar: The Next Shadow reveals parts of the Na’vi’s culture and their way of dealing with issues that can no longer be solved by talking.
Great space is also given to the spiritual character of these people when Jake, in spirit form, shares his struggles with Tsu’tey.

From a narrative perspective, this is definitely the best-paced story among those published so far.

From an artistic one, this volume, like the previous one, remains faithful to the characters and the environments. Characters we already know resemble their movie counterparts, while all new entries have characteristics that fit them perfectly making the story more ‘familiar’.

Avatar: The Next Shadow Review