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Have you ever heard of the beautiful festival of Santa Lucia in Italy?

It is a heartwarming tradition that takes place on December 13th, honoring Saint Lucia, also known as Saint Lucy. This Italian celebration holds a special place in the hearts of many as it brings light, joy, and kindness during the darkest time of the year.

According to legend, Saint Lucia was a young Sicilian girl born in Syracuse during the 3rd century AD. She dedicated her life to helping others, eventually becoming a martyr for her Christian faith. One of the most captivating aspects of her story is her extraordinary devotion to bringing light to those in need. Santa Lucia is celebrated as the enlightener of darkness and the protector of vision.

On the day of the festival, young girls dressed in white robes, symbolizing purity, with red sashes around their waists, representing martyrdom, lead the joyful processions. The star of the celebration is the chosen “Lucia,” crowned with a lovely wreath of candles on her head. This represents the halo of light surrounding Saint Lucia herself.

Santa Lucia’s Night is a wondrous tradition celebrated in various countries, primarily in Italy and Scandinavia, to honor the remarkable blind saint. In this enchanting festivity, children eagerly participate by placing a delightful array of milk and biscuits, as well as a generous serving of carrots for her trusty donkey. As night falls, anticipation fills the air as Santa Lucia is believed to make a miraculous visit to each home. In return for their kind offerings, children are greeted with delightful surprises and treats, fostering a sense of joy and generosity during this magical time of the year.

Through the tradition of leaving biscuits for Santa Lucia and her donkey, children learn about the importance of compassion, generosity, and honoring those who face challenges. The act of giving and the delight of the Santa Lucia procession foster a sense of community and empathy, creating lasting memories for children and celebrating the spirit of this beloved saint.


May the spirit of Santa Lucia inspire you to spread kindness and light during this holiday season and beyond!

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