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They care for our little ones, teach them their letters, tell them of ancient kingdoms and magical numbers, sing and encourage them to dance and to dream.

Thank them with this fun, endearing and unique book available in ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN AND CATALAN.


THANK YOU, TEACHER! is a story for nursery and kindergartner teachers to show them your appreciation for their sweetness and dedication.

Featuring names, look, school and subject customisation, you can also add a personal message and a picture of the whole class for a very touching experience ♥

c'era una volta la nostra maestra

C’ERA UNA VOLTA LA NOSTRA MAESTRA is a story for primary school teachers who were able to listen to and understand with affection all the questions and stories of the little boys and girls.

This special edition is only available in ITALIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH and CATALAN ♥


Make this End of the School Year even more special with a gift that teachers won’t forget! 🌺

Delivery takes about a week, customise your book now!