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Gianni Rodari, author of Telephone Tales and The Grammar of Fantasy, was born in 1920 in Omegna, a small town in northern Italy.

A reserved man, gifted with great sensitivity and curiosity; a fine intellectual, a multifaceted and complex artist. A writer, poet, but also primary school teacher, journalist, and pedagogue, capable of speaking the mysterious language of children. A figure who, through verse and nursery rhymes, raised awareness of crucial social issues.

His representations, especially at the beginning, all come from personal memories and experiences.
Lake Orta and the surrounding mountains;
The first newspapers read in the evening in the courtyard;
His father, the owner of a bakery, with whom he had a strong bond;
The complex relationship with religion brought him to seminary from the age of eleven to thirteen. There he had access to a great number of readings but he also developed a militant mindset that led him to become a secular man in his maturity.

In 1937 he graduated as a teacher, preparing for the final two-year on his own in one single year.

Telephone Tales

Gianni Rodari reminds and makes us realise the importance of imagination, essential for education and development, along with one of his cornerstones, the belief in children’s creativity.

Rodari is a revolutionary. He creates images, incites action, he promotes the ability to express ideas in a simple way in order to reach everyone and bring positive change.

Gianni Rodari is a tireless writer. He will write ironic articles, poems, nursery rhymes, stories and television programs, but he will always remain a kind and respectful author, esteemed and fondly remembered.

He is an explorer. He will tour schools to be able to talk with teachers and communicate directly with young readers.

Rodari is a friend, a man who knew how to entertain the youngest, bringing out the imagination even in the laziest.

Rodari is a rebel who deconstructs stereotypes and turns language upside down, freeing us from conformism and prejudices, and leading us to go beyond schemes and limits.

Gianni Rodari is a storyteller and a creator, who helps people grow using a modern language, made of everything we experience daily.

Baron Lamberto - Gianni Rodari

Gianni Rodari is eternal.

He will always remain alive like the main character of his novel Baron Lamberto and just like Lamberto, every time someone pronounces his name, he will rejuvenate.

Repeat the name of Gianni Rodari often, make him live for those who know and love him, for those who do not know him, and also for those who know him but do not like him.
Not everyone might like Rodari but Rodari will certainly leave something unique to every one of us: the flavour of childhood.